Ad Text Generator


SEO Text generator

This utility helps you to write 100*100kb unique texts with right keywords. It is to hard write a text especially when you do not understand English. Now you can create more then 10000 texts for your website in one minute. You shouldnt slap up a

Banner Text Advertising Wizard

An easy to use program that will help you make text ads and banner ads that also have your mouseovers and a text link under the banner.Generate a text ad. Type in URL to goto on click,text you want for the ad,select the font and size and text to show for


PakaPaka  v.1.1

••• It's free for a limited time •••PakaPaka is a dummy text generator with brains - fun and useful.

LittleIpsum  v.2.0

The best Latin text generator for OS X.

TextUp  v.1.6

A FCP text generator which originally was based upon the Apple "Text" generator.

TeXstudio  v.2.5.2

TeXstudio is an integrated environment for writing LaTeX documents.

TeXstudio Portable  v.2.5.2

TeXstudio portable is an integrated environment for writing LaTeX documents.

StereoPaintESP  v.1.0

StereoPaint ESP is a stereoscopic paint program. Paint, edit and convert 3D images using a 3D StereoScopic Cursor (Depth Brush).

The Permutator  v.1.0.1

Pay-per-click advertising services such as Google's AdWords, Yahoo and others allow advertisers to reach targeted prospects for just pennies apiece.

AdWords Editor for Mac  v.9.7.1

Now, you can download your AdWords account to your computer, make all the changes you want, then upload your revised campaigns.

Gastona  v.1.0

Pocket Application Maker.

HotelCalifornia  v.2.0.1

HotelCalifornia is a framework for converting XML to Java objects.

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